PhD Licensed Psychologist  ~  Yoga Teacher       

Sex/Intimacy Therapist  ~  Columnist (read here)

Works with adolescents, adults and couples

Professional consultation and supervision provided to students and colleagues

Call for a free 15-minute phone consultation: 801-661-3524 or email

Mind-Body Psychotherapy 

I work from a holistic framework, blending Western psychology and neuroscience with Eastern practices (including Buddhist psychology, mindfulness and yogic philosophy). In addition to engaging in traditional “talk therapy,” I work with clients to help them understand the wisdom of their body and how to use it as a resource in their life. This style of somatic therapy can elicit another layer of healing, going deep into the places where old stress or trauma resides. Utilizing my experience as a psychologist, yoga teacher and lifelong athlete, I also created YogaPsych®, a mind-body therapy modality for clients to “get out of the head” and use their body, breath and intuition as a tool for healing. At times, this means using any combination of the outdoor trails, the facilitation of assisted yoga postures, guided breathing, meditation and dialogue to help you find presence, clarity and inner tools for healing. My approach to therapy promotes restoration and vitality, and my style is both directive and compassionate.


Personal and professional coaching focuses on helping you identify and reduce thoughts and behaviors that don’t serve you. This allows you to let go of stuck patterns and live from your most authentic place. We collaborate on a plan and create objectives to meet your mind-body health and wellness goals. You’ll be provided with psychological education and homework assignments tailored specifically for you.

Workshops & Retreats

In addition to private sessions with individuals and couples, I lead workshops on topics ranging from “Yoga and Psychology for Emotional Eating,” “Yoga to Enhance Sensuality,” and “Yoga for Overachievers and Perfectionists.” Retreats can be tailored to your needs, including the option for a women’s only retreat, a couple’s getaway, or yoga combined with surfing or strength conditioning, among others.

Creator and Author of forthcoming book and video series “The Pleasure is All Mine™,” helping individuals and couples enhance their sensuality and pleasure through “somatic” (body centered) psychotherapy

Watch a Video of me describing “What Yoga Means to Me”